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Fire Protection Services

Keep your services and assets up to date with All Hands On Fire Safety. We provide the installation of fire extinguishers and blankets, test and tag and servicing of fire hose reals, installation and repair of fire door systems, emergency lighting, smoke detectors and preparation of fire safety reports after assessment and inspection.

First Attack Equipment

  • Test Tag and Service of Fire Hose Reals
  • 6 Monthly Test Tag, Service and Install of Portable Fire Extinguishers and blankets.
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Fire Doors

  • Test Tag and Repair all Fire Door Systems, Install.

Emergency Lighting

  • Inspect, Identify and Repair Emergency Light Systems.

Smoke Detectors

  • Test Systems for Operation and Compliance

Reports and compliance

  • Provide Site Safety Survey Plans
  • Assess Essential Fire Safety Measures
  • Inspect Building Exit Systems and Compliance Breaches
  • Assess Alternate Fire Safety Solutions
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